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用戶[zephyr]給攝影師Sharon 的評論及評分


Very Professional & Highly Recommended Photographer 攝影師Sharon的評論、評價、評分

Sharon helped us with our corporate video shoot. We are impressed by Sharon's professionalism from every aspect:

  • Before the shooting, we communicated enormuous times on our expectations and how to realize them effectively - in the calls / messages Sharon shared a lot of advice and taught us how to prepare in advance; 
  • Sharon arrived 40 min earlier to set up all the equipment, adjust the lighting, test the teleprompter, adjust the sitting, etc.;
  • Sharon is very detail-oriented and paid close attention to the background, lighting, dressing, tone and speed of the speech, etc.

Overall we feel Sharon is very nice to work with and the whole process was a very smooth one, thanks to her rich experience and professionalism. 

(攝影師)Sharon回覆: 暫未有回覆
  • 2020-05-26 21:41:58
  • 評分用戶[zephyr]
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