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攝影師Maxime工作紀錄: 活動攝影


Photography of a tasting event for journalist by two French Luxury brand, Sturia Caviar and Chateau Guiraud. Shooting did at the Kee Club in Central. for more picture please follow the link : …

攝影師Maxime工作紀錄: 活動攝影


Zipp is a dog and histwo french master wanted to do pictures with him. That was a great wonderful day with this funny dog. I like animals and animals like me. More picture in the click below : …

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Multi - language Photographer?
日期: 2017-01-10 01:43:53

Hi Maxime, are you Multi - language Photographer?  For those grand ceremony, do you have any experiences being Photographer of it?

評分: 很好 (4 / 5)
(攝影師)Maxime回覆: Hi Fran, I'm French so I can speak French and English. I have an assistant who can help me to handle Chinese work if customers need it. Not sure what kind of grand ceremony you mean. I worked for the French government as a photographer before so I did photo shooting for some openings and ceremonies of exhibitions. I also did some event shootings in hk just those jobs are not from this website so I don't mark the record here. If you need photographer pls don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

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Good photographor
日期: 2017-04-11 23:12:50

評分: 很好 (5 / 5)
(攝影師)Maxime回覆: 暫未有回覆


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「香港攝影師網」攝影師 Maxime

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