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Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham I am a HKAPA graduate who was majored in Choreography. To me, Dance Photography is a beautiful journey of capturing every single dancer’s everlasting soul and graceful body posture through the clear sound of the shutter. I wish to capture the precious moment of each dancer’s performance in a silent way and present them to the public especially when the career path of a dancer is far shorter than we can imagine. “Ten minutes of brilliant performance on-stage, ten years of hard work off-stage.” It takes a lot of hard work for a dancer to build up his or her dreams, which tears, scars and injuries cannot be avoided. Through capturing behind-the-scene moment, I hope to tell the audiences a perfect performance never come with stunning clothes nor inborn talent alone, but also years of practices. Due to the reason that dancing, dance photography and choreography are interactive and closely interrelated, I pushed myself to the limit to manage these three fields of specialty in order to create the best outcome. The quality of photos can be raised easily when there is no boundary between the dancers, director and the photographer. Search for your won self, then search for your own dream. -Alan Wong



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