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攝影師 Manuel Wong Ho

「香港攝影師網」攝影師 Manuel Wong Ho
公司: MWH Studio
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MWH Studio is the source for all your corporate and commercial visual content creations and productions. MWH Studio was established in 2000 by Manuel Wong Ho, who started his visual media adventure as a still media artist. Over the years, his passion for still media progressed and matured into the realm of motion media leading to compelling works of mixed still and motion media contents.

We have production experience in editorial, commercial, documentary, and narrative work for marketing campaigns. Our services include producing, directing, filming, editing, productions support, and consultation.

Our goal is to bring the vision of our clients to life through the use of cutting-edge technologies, and our determination to achieve the right mixture of creativity and the greatest shots possible for creating provoking, empowering, and impacting unique content.


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「香港攝影師網」攝影師 Manuel Wong Ho
Manuel Wong Ho

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